Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day

Today is a day for love, but walking down these streets, you wouldn’t be able to tell. So I’m just wondering- what happened to Kampala road being covered in red with those overdone probably cheap Chinese made lovey-dovey things the hawkers would be selling: red plastic flowers, red framed quotes, red handkerchiefs, red underwear, cute little red cards saying Í love you and bigger teddy bears to go them , and red key holders (although I always wondered who ever bought these).

What happened to all the valentine promotions and ads on TV (especially the V&A one with prizes)? How come restaurants do not seem to have a lovers’ special today with a discount for couples anymore? Even on radio this morning, no Maám, I did not hear a valentine’s day playlist, there was no random caller declaring his undying love for some unsuspecting victim, or over cheesy messages that just make you roll your eyes in amusement, or that love struck campus girl putting some married sob in trouble with her big mouth.   Where is the love yo’?

 I expected to at least find a couple of people in red and black today but I dint. The whole Makerere University campus was pointedly avoiding those colors and that’s just not cool. I mean, Cupid has to fly around half naked with a damn bow n arrow, n knowing how old he is right now, that they haven’t yet upgraded him to one of those sniper long range guns is just mean, but the least you can do is wear red so he can at least see you. Stop spoiling Cupid’s day.

So on that point, I’m heading back to the room to look for something more valentine like and going out of my way to celebrate today. I want to go all out; yes, I want red flowers, chocolate, a nice candle lit dinner somewhere decorated for the occasion served with nice red chilled wine. So, i can look across the table at him and for the brief second, its all perfect as he says I’m the only thing on his mind when we both know so is the bill (I’m not a romance novelist). But you get the point. 

I’m not usually one to celebrate such hopeless holidays but if there are no hopeless lovers to laugh at and tease and secretly wish I had the guts to be like, then why not be on the receiving end?No, OK that’s a lame one, but c’mon, its 2012, the world was supposed to end this year and it dint. I’m living life. So happy valentine’s day to the bold lovers out there:)




Finding Me…..

I’m at that phase in my life where everyone seems to have everything in life figured out (well, except me of course).I’m not exaggerating when I say ‘THIS SUCKS!” And its so bad that I can no longer laugh at that sixty something guy always at Buddies in his leather suit trying to fit in because now I understand how he feels.

Do you ever feel this way though? Like you missed some memo or took a wrong turn somewhere? Or like there is a funny joke that only you do not understand?Like the train is leaving but your feet are chained to the floor and you just cant catch it?

Funny how for me, it has spread to everything else in my life. I don’t even know what music I enjoy any more. Don’t know if its still purple that’s my favourite colour coz yellow is starting to look real funky. Law school; what if journalism school would have been the better choice. I could go till menopause with this list but then that wont help me.

My answer came to me, not in some memorable light bulb moment but from drunken advice- ‘What you’ve done till now has been the best you could do given the circumstances so stop trying to be like everybody else and just go on doing your best.’ (PS. Edgar, if you’re reading this, I think I now like you better drunk:))

So now, I’ve started a new blog and I guess I sound like Julia Roberts in Eat,Pray,Love but it is to kinda find myself again, rediscover me, find the love. You know, like myself is an old lost lover that just came back from the biggest loser with amazing abs and I’m in love all over again but need to know whether its true love or just the abs 🙂

So bear with me, some posts maybe irrelevant, insane, annoying, useless but all I’m doing is trying to re-find myself, looking for my spark, liking my status if you’re Lady or Susan:).