We need to learn to be accountable………….

So, I dint get to do all the things I said I was going to do on Valentine’s day(refer to previous post), not because I din’t want to but because, well you know, shit happens and it turns out I’m only human….

I dint wear anything red that day because as it turns out, I do not own any red anything in my wardrobe other than underwear. That of course is being fixed now, I have started with a lovely pair of red knitted earrings from my lovely jeweller friend, Melissa.

I dint get a bouquet of red roses:( because everyone around me is convinced that I do not like flowers. But my roomie did give me a rose off hers (wait, that sounds miserable, doesn’t it?) So anyway, for the sake of next year’s red day, I love flowers but only on Valentine’s day, other days, not so much.

Also I dint get to go out to dinner that day and get the eyes locking for a breathless second across the table moment. This particular one is a whole story on its own for another day…

I just thought I’d be honest and report myself before anyone else ratted me out.

Now if only our ministers could do the same thing, it would save us a hell of a lot of that money being spent on parliamentary committees. Maybe we’d even have the figured out this nodding disease by now


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