funk diaries, entry 1: When was the last time you did something for the first time??

I’ve lately been in a funk, which is that feeling you have when you know you’re depressed and yet  can’t quite put you hand on what is putting you down…’re just down and don’t want to see anyone else happy and want a nice warm hug but no one is offering and want to be in bed and not comb your hair and hating your phone for not ringing but hating it even more when it does because the person on the line sounds too cheery and sulk and eat calorie filled food while watching E! which depresses you even more because everyone there is so perfect and you’re not and you start counting all the bad things that have been happening to you and you just fell bad allover again…..LONG SIGH!!  Its a such hard world out there in funk world, I tell you….

But i think the reason i’m in a funk this time is because I can’t remember the last time I did something for the first time and that just horrible or at least that’s how funk says I should feel

I want to do something that’ll give me a sudden freshness and exhilaration and make my smile fill me up with sunshine that I can feel right down to my tingly big toes



I want to do something I’ve never thought of doing before, one that’s so simple I’ll be amazed at how easy it was, one that brings a blanket of soothe over me, like how I imagine lying in a tub of strawberry yogurt might feel




I want to do something only kids can get away with these days



Or something I can laugh alone about, have my very own private joke because its so stupid I can’t even tell anyone I did it just to see if I’d get a kick out of it, ya, something like those guys in Dumb and Dumber would do



Wouldn’t the something new I want to try just be awesome and amazing if it could be all the the above? I’m still looking.

What about you?