I absolutely have no title for this, I’m not even sure its worth a read….

See we go to bed ever night, making plans for the next day, for the next week,

secretly hoping and praying that we’ll wake up tomorrow

And most days we do, and we go about other plans like nothing miraculous

just happened, taking every breath for granted

But some days,

Some days we are shaken to the bone at

how easily we can lose all this,

how all these plans and dates and efforts and savings and promises and hopes may not count

because we may not be there to enjoy them

Each time we lose someone, we are reminded

There are no guarantees in life except to always expect the unexpected

While we mourn the loss of a loved one, we secretly wonder:

Am I next? How many more close people will be taken from me?

And because we are so afraid of the unknown,

we search and seek and probe and experiment and try

to find a way to keep us here longer

We diet, we pray, we faithfully follow our horoscopes hoping that somehow

we might unlock the doors to immortality,

pushed by the fear of the unknown beyond this life on earth

We think that by setting routines and rules and following them painfully,

we are creating a shell that might, just might take us through the waves longer


But you see, my friends, even the weather forecast gets it wrong sometimes


PS…RIP Steven Crane