The rapes that we forget:Stop the victim blaming and look for justice for the women in our lives…..

RAPEverb   /reɪp/ [I or T]

Definition: to force someone to have sex when they are unwilling, using violence or threatening behaviour

Wikipedia: There is no single theory that conclusively explains the motivation for rape.

Victim blamingterm

Definition: holding the victim of a crime to be in whole or in part responsible for the crime. In the context of rape, this concept refers to the Just World Theory and popular attitudes that certain victim behaviors (such as flirting or wearing sexually provocative clothing) may encourage rape. In extreme cases, victims are said to have “asked for it”, simply by not behaving demurely.


-He locked the door. He turned to face her. “Like you said, we don’t want anyone coming in on us.” He reached under Liberty’s head and produced a roll of duct tape hidden under the cushions. He cut off a length and sealed her mouth. He pressed down and spun the roll around her wrists…

..Liberty’s muscles refused. Her legs were bound. Virgil leered above her. Hands searched her body.

No. Don’t.

Her skirt rose up.






If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.

He left the room. Liberty laid on the couch until the final school bell rang. She struggled out of the restraints and cleaned up the mess of herself.

Only when she saw the bloodstains on the couch did she cry.

Where could Liberty turn to for help? To the police? To the school? She understood nothing of the law. But she did know she was acting against the rules by first talking to a boy and to eating lunch away from the lunchroom. To her friends? She had none. To her parents? Girls who let that happen to them had been asking for it, she was taught. To God? Her parents told her He didn’t exist.

Liberty could only rely on herself. She retreated into herself, and stayed there. – A rape scene excerpt from  John Oystein’s novel


I know any woman reading this, has either been a rape victim, downplayed a story of how she narrowly escaped the ordeal, was in an uncomfortable situation where her ‘possible rape alarm bells’ where going off even though luckily nothing happened or knows someone close to them that has gone through one of those horrifying experiences.  I’ve learnt recently that one in four women report that their first sexual experience was forced-Amnesty International report.  For most, these traumatic experiences have either been bottled up within the victim or gone no further than a close friend’s ear in the hope to forget it, knowing that even if reported, it will still be blamed on her, or even worse the fear of sarcastic ridiculing and mocking, jokes like ‘kulika agasajja’, a comment that a work colleague made to Ndagire, a Ugandan journalist that was gang raped last year.  She later committed suicide.  Rosebell’s blog has more on this terrible incident.

For me, such a story as well as the most recent story of the Indian girl gang raped and left for dead on a bus, is a constant reminder that no matter how educated, how successful, how independent, how powerful we get as women, it only takes a moment of being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  We are not as emancipated as we’d like to think.  Men still possess and wave a dangerous tool of oppression over us: rape continues to aggravate discrimination against women and girls.


Even more disturbing is the fact that it might not always be a stranger.  More than 55% of rapists are men we trust: our fathers, our brothers, our uncles, our boyfriends, our teachers, our neighbors.   Men who make dealing with the trauma and humiliation of having had your body violated even harder because if someone so close could have raped you, you surely must have been asking for it somehow.

don’t even want to get into how hard it is to get a rapist arrested; I’m not even talking conviction here. How victims are left facing inadequate responses by police, having to pay for the cost of police transportation to arrest the accused, forensic examination fees and other expenses related to the investigation. 

But I’ll talk about the poor men that have been forced to blame the woman for what happened- ‘she brought it on herself’ is usually what they say.  Why else would a man forcefully penetrate her vagina over and over again? She must have refused to give him ‘some’ of what is owed to him, or her skirt was so short, he could see her shiny wet vagina beckoning him to punish her for her indecency. Those slutty ungrateful women!

I don’t pray a lot but I did pray for those poor men that have to go through life with such women, that are forced by the woman’s lack of demure to rape her. What a heavy burden to carry around. I pray such men never have wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters that some other poor men are also forced to rape. I pray they never have someone they care so much about be raped by another man and castigated because she had to have brought it on herself.

No man should have to see someone so close go through such an experience, just like no woman should have to be raped, let alone be blamed for it.

Now, can we have some meaningful action done about rape already? Outrage shouldn’t wait for incidents pushed in the lime light. Somewhere around you there is a woman who has been raped, living silently with the trauma and deserves justice.


PS: I know my mind seems to be allover the place, but a topic like this is hard to have a direct chain of thought about.


Little Note to the Cheating Man With the Lousy Excuse…..

Today,I take us back to 2012, back to a random night in december on my part, back to one of the episodes of NTV MEN, a popular TV show that has 4 guys lounging in Sheraton hotel, talking about relationship dynamics and basically giving the ”guys’ side of the story.”

On this particular night, I remember, I was home, folded up in the chair,  just flipping channels looking for something funny and light to watch, something to accompany the lazy good feel the wine I was drinking had already put in motion. Given that most local stations air tele novellas at that time, MEN seemed like such a great alternative. When they introduced the episode topic why men cheat, I prepared to roll my eyes, and roll my eyes I did people. I also dropped my jaw a couple of times, laughed out in utter disbelief, stood up in protest and hunted for my pen and pad. So much for the good feel.

What did the men say that for the length of the show stole my groove?  The same thing men everywhere say about them cheating; it’s in their nature, they can’t help it, women are to blame if the guy does it, and so on. The guest on the show, whose name I can’t actually recall, even went ahead to advise men to make sure they don’t get caught(I know, right!).

It’s incredible how men go out of their way to justify their cheating, to make their cheating more acceptable than a woman’s. God forbid the woman should cheat.

I’ll start with that escapism argument that men have to cheat because it’s in men’s nature to cheat. Our poor African men who have been tied down by the white man’s concept of monogamy and can only escape its painful claws through a fling or two or seven on the side. That’s the biggest joke I’ve heard since that black Santa at the zoo when I was young attempting to sell ‘HO HO HO…’ to Ugandans.  We’ve all watched TV, Santa is for white children and we are all human, if it’s in men’s DNA, it surely couldn’t have missed the women that came from the rib. We are all capable of doing it, but it doesn’t mean we should go a head and do it anyway.

Here are a couple of things I’d like to say to the men and their lousy line of thought. It also goes out to the top in a gay relationship and the butch in a lesbian one:

1. That boat sailed a long time a go. We are way (over two decades to be exact), past the stage where men can get away with validating or justifying eating the chicken gizzard and the eggs, having the cool chair, physically abusing their partners and cheating, had the absolute right to talk at village meetings for the women, just because they have balls we are not even allowed to kick.

2. Cheating is wrong. Period.  No man or woman should cheat and neither should come up with ridiculous justifications for it(at least women got that memo). But since we are throwing around those ones, it brings me to 3.

3. I think women have a better chance at running with the argument that it’s in their nature, that nature that the entertainment industry has reduced women to. With the way women have been objectified and our bodies reduced to mere sex props(you only have to watch Gal a bubble by Konshens for proof), we are the ones who shouldn’t need an excuse to cheat. After all, we can’t be expected to dream up the mad skills men expect us to have. How else should we be the freak in the sheets and the lady on the street if not by practice.

And yet, we still don’t use the excuse.

4. The argument that you see temptation everywhere and are too weak to control yourself is just bogus if you ask me.  I for one, see temptation everywhere. I watch rugby-that lovely indecent game with big sweaty men tackling each other while their bulging muscles have to be tucked into those little shorts – that’s temptation, I have pictures of David Beckham as an underwear model-NAKED,

courtesy of google

I see hot men around me but I don’t look for every opportunity to hit on them, let alone get into their pants.

That said, I think all men need to be careful the picture they try to portray, careful that women could use that card too in a reverse situation.   I think men just cheat because they can, they lack commitment and as a way to show dominance in some imaginary power struggle. Men need to be careful because with the balance of power between men and women changing, with more women becoming the family heads, with more independent women making the decisions in the family, they become the dominant partners and they too are then open to the idea of cheating because they can, because they want to show who’s boss, because after all that’s one of the ways the power struggle is won.

Men in Skinny jeans; I’m coming out of the closet

I’ve been meaning to write about sex for awhile, but of course I cannot talk about the act itself because the judgmental society I live in would brand me too forward for their sons, so I’m stuck to talking about things we pretend are completely not associated with IT so are ok to talk about; like how certain guys with certain buns in certain skinny jeans ooze a lot of nice sticky, finger licking sex appeal 🙂

Yes, there are a lot of standard lists women throw around; like rich, tall and handsome (yes, I left out the dark because I think it’s a bit racist), but we all kinda vary as you go further down the list and I for one have recently discovered that I like men in skinny jeans. There is just ALOT you can tell about a guy in those nicely tight jeans. It’s out and official now.


Jean (Photo credit: Johnny.Lai)

Yes, they absolutely work for me so stop judging me you man reading this that that has never tried them. If the guy has a nice ass, nice ass + skinny jeans = me trying not to get caught staring. Pardon? what’s a nice ass?; well it shouldn’t be too big and shouldn’t look like it was flat ironed and pressed before wearing the pants, it should be just enough to check out while he’s walking away and enough to slip my hand into his back pocket and play with if we are walking together. A guy’s ass should be like those dorm buns we used to have in Nabisunsa. For those that I’ve lost by now, Nabisunsa is one of the better schools in Uganda; it’s an all girls’ secondary school that used to give out free buns once or twice a week and those buns were smaller than your average Ugandan bun and oh so perfect, they were so amazing for small sandwiches that could be eaten in 4bites or less if you have a big mouth and two of them were just enough, not too filling and not living you wanting more. Now that is how a nice guy’s ass should be, just enough.

So a guy not afraid to suck it in and pack neatly into those babies, means the guy is daring and adventurous and might be the same in other regards but mostly because I can look out for those nice buns I like.

You know what I don’t get though? I absolutely don’t get why the men around here are so afraid of these jeans though, why they won’t return the favor women are always doing for them. Do you think we like the pressure of push up bras, heels, and weaves? But we do it anyway.  They cringe every time they see the brave souls in a pair claiming the jeans kill the little chap down there but I know faster ways to kill your masculinity than skinny jeans; I’m sure those phones always vibrating in men’s pockets take down sperm count using some earthquake theory or something like that and I know for a fact men with very unflattering bodies that wear spedos at public pools are intentionally out to starve their ninjas.

So I’ve decided to let every guy around me know that I will still like them if they get a pair of skinny jeans, maybe even a bit more depending on the buns. So get one pair, at least one, if not for me at least to tell your kids and grand kids that you did it. Ok, I’m done, I promise to write about more serious something more serious in the next post.

PS: I hope I’m not losing my street cred by admitting that my eye candy is that far down though