Finding Me…..

I’m at that phase in my life where everyone seems to have everything in life figured out (well, except me of course).I’m not exaggerating when I say ‘THIS SUCKS!” And its so bad that I can no longer laugh at that sixty something guy always at Buddies in his leather suit trying to fit in because now I understand how he feels.

Do you ever feel this way though? Like you missed some memo or took a wrong turn somewhere? Or like there is a funny joke that only you do not understand?Like the train is leaving but your feet are chained to the floor and you just cant catch it?

Funny how for me, it has spread to everything else in my life. I don’t even know what music I enjoy any more. Don’t know if its still purple that’s my favourite colour coz yellow is starting to look real funky. Law school; what if journalism school would have been the better choice. I could go till menopause with this list but then that wont help me.

My answer came to me, not in some memorable light bulb moment but from drunken advice- ‘What you’ve done till now has been the best you could do given the circumstances so stop trying to be like everybody else and just go on doing your best.’ (PS. Edgar, if you’re reading this, I think I now like you better drunk:))

So now, I’ve started a new blog and I guess I sound like Julia Roberts in Eat,Pray,Love but it is to kinda find myself again, rediscover me, find the love. You know, like myself is an old lost lover that just came back from the biggest loser with amazing abs and I’m in love all over again but need to know whether its true love or just the abs 🙂

So bear with me, some posts maybe irrelevant, insane, annoying, useless but all I’m doing is trying to re-find myself, looking for my spark, liking my status if you’re Lady or Susan:).